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It all started when two IT students had plenty of time, ideas, and passion. Living among young artists, we got excited about the unique handmade jewelry they were creating and we set out to make a fortune selling it online to everyone in the UK and beyond. After long hours of e-shop creation we were certain that we had a great product and an even better web site, and we were sure to sell out all of our stock and become a sensation overnight. By the end of the first quarter we sold exactly zero items. Not one. Not so much as a toe ring.
This is where most people would have permanently abandoned the notion of an online business. But not us. We started studying and reading in order to explain to ourselves exactly why this happened. Why weren’t we successful?
Along the way we came across Chris Anderson’s book ‘The Long Tail’, and we quickly became disciples of long tail theory. Following these ideas we created an online shop for children’s toys and nearly crashed the market! It was a simple site that filtered the stock from all of the toy shops in the country in one searchable location. It was a success. The mass usage of our e-shop proved one of the themes of the ‘long tail’- that the Internet has an almost unlimited supply. And we were learning how to tap into it.
We also learned that the internet was more than just an unlimited supply chain of products. It was as unlimited with its supply of connections to people with new business and product ideas that only needed an audience to achieve success. We decided to take our experience to niche business leaders and were able to validate our theories and methods by helping them to achieve similar successes as we gained experience on how to develop and market eCommerce sites across multiple verticals.
We’ve now grown to 25 employees with offices in Chicago, Stockholm and Kaunas and have successful projects in 15 countries worldwide. With more than 100 proprietary Navision, SAP, and SalesForce integrations for the Magento platform alone, we are quickly becoming a leader in eCommerce innovation and global solutions.
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