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It all started when two IT students had plenty of time, ideas, and passion. Living among young artists made us excited about the unique handmade jewelry they were creating. After long hours of e-shop creation, we knew that everyone in the UK will buy the jewelry online. And guess what? They didn’t. Not a single person, even after 1 year spent building the site.
This is where most of the students would have said ‘no’ to the online business idea. But not us. We’ve started reading smart literature by explaining to ourselves why exactly this happened.
Since the Chris Anderson book ‘The Long Tail’ came across, we’ve started to strongly believe in a long tail theory. Following the ideas from the book, we’ve created an online shop for children toys: the one, where you could find the wanted toy, filtered from all the toys shops in the country. Our toys website simply crashed the market! The mass usage of our e-shop proved one of the ideas from ‘The Long Tail’ that Internet has an almost unlimited supply.
Following our experience, we now concentrate on a niche business leaders because we believe in their success. We are able to validate our service through the gained experience and generate ideas of how to spread the niche products across the different markets.
That was the story about the beginning in e-commerce and a growth of way more solutions that we provide now. Check out more on how much we have grown through the years!
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