We know what it takes to create and develop your business online.

We provide proven solutions that bring success to every eCommerce business we develop.
During 10 years of experience in the ever changing environment of eCommerce, we create quality with our agile services.


Strategy & Tactics

  • Technical strategy
    The success of every project depends on selecting the right frameworks, platforms and channels to provide your customers a consistent and integrated shopping experience. We help you create and implement a technical strategy that’s consistent with your long-term business model.
  • eCommerce tactical plan
    Should you use email marketing, retargeting, SEO, digital ads or a combination of these? We live and breathe eCommerce and we know what works and what doesn’t. We will get you ready to conquer the market with the most effective and proven eCommerce tactics available today.

Content Strategy

  • Content planning
    Different channels require different angles of communication and different types of media to reach and engage your customers. We help you select the right channels and setup omnichannel content strategy to enable integrated communication across all relevant channels.
  • Digital production
    To attract and engage your customers, quality content is key. Copywriting and video production, photos and illustrations, storytelling and brand building. With the help of our partner network we help you produce truly high quality content.


  • Information architecture
    Good design starts with efficient information architecture. We work with you to understand your customers. Using that, we create meaningful and attractive design – starting with the foundation and completing with the message you want to deliver.
  • User research and testing
    We trust in data driven decisions. That’s why user research and testing are some of our key tools to deliver your customers a flawless user experience specifically tailored to their needs and wants.

Platform economy

  • Omnichannel approach
    We utilize a unified approach across all of your channels to deliver your customers integrated and consistent user experience, wherever they find you.
  • Integrated platforms
    The rise of digital platform economy is apparent in the tech industry. From online matchmakers to technology frameworks, from transaction-based platforms to B2B facilitators, from giants like Amazon to local players. The scalability of platforms is unmatched – and we are here to help you build yours.

Data analytics

  • Monitoring the right metrics
    To make accurate business decisions, they have to be based on data-driven research. We help you select the right metrics, setup the right tools and gather the intelligence to take your business to the next level.
  • Data analysis
    We use advanced data analysis to ask the right questions, find the right answers and improve the performance of your business.

Hosting & Security

  • Cloud hosting
    Google cloud platform, kubernetes, managed services
    We provide a wide range of managed services: everything from Google Cloud Platform hosting, Kubernetes-based deployment to system and network management.
  • Cyber security solutions
    Cyber security is a growing concern for every digital business out there – big and small. Thanks to our experience in building global cyber security tools, we know what works and what doesn’t in this industry.

Consulting & Maintenance

  • eCommerce expertise
    10 years of eCommerce expertise, hundreds of successful web projects and innovative mindset help us provide your business a sustained competitive advantage.
  • Maintenance and support
    We support our clients through dedicated and reliable full-service solution, including development, hosting and maintenance.

Optimization & Support

  • Data driven optimization
    We use data-driven research and analysis to find meaningful insights and optimize your business and technology processes.
  • Continuous improvements
    Evolution, not revolution. Optimization has no limits and we continuously work to find new ways to improve the performance of your business further.


We are eager to work with our clients throughout the full lifecycle of the customer journey. With our proven process flow, we are able to offer expertise across every phase of the project.
Process flow

We believe that continuous and proven process flow is key while working remotely with our clients. Through transparent processes we build trust with our business clients and the remote partnership brings excellent results. We know that forward-thinking takes remote cooperation to a higher level. Relying on our proven processes we are able to predict the future needs of any given project and provide solutions right away.


We strongly believe in Agile software development. Having dedicated cross-functional teams we are able to perfectly implement remote projects with adaptive planning and a flexible response to changes.