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Akeneo Product Information Management system (PIM) is a tool that helps companies to centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products.


Centralised Management of Data  –  Akeneo brings the majority of your structured data into one place, providing a central, web-based repository for product information.

Multichannel  – Akeneo is multichannel, meaning that you can push your data to multiple destinations including your Magento online store, mobile devices, print catalogue, ERP, data feeds and bricks and mortar point of sale (POS) systems.


Akeneo was developed by a number of developers of Varien INC, the creators of Magento. Akeneo is already fully equipped to provide data exchange as well as possible between the PIM and Magento. Both platforms share the same architectural concepts which makes integration and interpolability available out of the box

PIMGento 2 is a Magento 2 extension that allows importing catalog from Akeneo CSV files into Magento. PIMGento 2 reads CSV files from Akeneo and inserts data directly in Magento 2 database.

With PIMGento 2 it is possible to import:

  • Categories
  • Families
  • Attributes
  • Options
  • Variants (configurable products)
  • Products


Akeneo has both Community and Enterprise versions. While first one is free, the other one is based on annual subscription price, depending on necessary channels. The main difference of these two – more built-in features on Enterprise version as well as more scalable architecture.

Akeneo Community Features

  • Data import engine
    Handles multiple data sources, native connectors or connect with 3rd party applications, import scheduling.
  • Localisation
    Multi-locale management, translator mode UTF8 character set suppor.
  • Quality Control
    Attribute validation rules, completeness level, quality reports.
  • Products Management
    Fully customisable product grid, category management, variant groups, products association engine.
  • Configuration Management
    Role based access, entity and category rights, attribute management tool.
  • Export Engine
    Export scheduler, partial exports, history and logs, quick export to CSV.

Akeneo Enterprise Features

All standard features plus:

  • Advanced rights management
  • Validation workflow
  • Versioning and publication
  • Rules engine
  • Product asset management

When it is time to scale to enterprise?

  • More than 10k attributes?
  • More than 10k families?
  • More than 10k categories?
  • More than 5 million product values?
  • More than 64 indexes with MongoDB?
  • More than 500 attributes usable in the product grids?
  • More than 100k products to export?
  • More than 1GB of product media to export?

If there are more than 3 “yes” it’s definitely better to consider Enterprise.

Does Akeneo Fit Your Needs?

Catalog Small Medium Large
Products 5.000 50.000 1.000.000
Categories 500 2.000 4.000
Categories / product 2 2 4
Attributes 100 400 1.000
Attribute Groups 8 15 20
Attributes / Families 50 100 100
Channels 2 2 2
Enabled Locales 1 4 4
Audit Status for Community Edition Ok Ok Ok
Audit Status for Enterprise Edition Ok Ok Ok

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