Applied Technologies

ADEO WEB offers custom software development services – from defining strategies, analysing requirements, delivering solutions and connecting customers to ongoing technical support and optimised results. Our main goal is to find a confluent point of business requirements, user needs and applicable technologies.


Business requirement analysis and strategy

We know that complex solutions require detailed and diligent assistance. Let us help you to define your needs and serve as an external business team.

Existing solution and user desire analysis

We understand that sometimes out-of-the-box solution is a must due to optimal operation and business practises. Let us foresee the upcoming challenges and solve the arising issues.


We learned that the most valuable thing in project is ensured knowledge transfer. Let us guarantee a common vision between all stakeholders and serve them with a comprehensive roadmap.

UX/UI prototypes

We create user-accepted visualizations and logical workflows. Let us uncover customer behavior and build research-driven solutions.

Agile application development

We improved our process in order to provide outstanding and translucent services. Let us deliver cohesive and high-performing solutions with mutual trust and commitment.

Connecting initial users making iterative adjustments

We coach our clients and let them take most of the software we develop. Let us collect feedback and initiate crucial changes in order to shape and improve platform.


We look after the software we develop and support it with further technical or interfacial upgrades.  Let us assist you and give access to help whenever it’s necessary.

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