Personalized virtual assistant for your restaurant

A chatbot based table booking system on your restaurant’s Facebook page. Improve the reservation experience for your customers.

Book a table in less than one minute

With an assistance of chatbot your customers are able to book a table online in less than one minute. A chatbot understands natural speech patterns and provides the personal touch in an impersonal user interface. That’s 25 times faster than booking by phone or having a service desk manager.

Provide services anytime and anywhere

Your booking system is empowered to work 24/7 with no additional manpower costs.

Gain insights about your customers

All personal information about your customers is in your hands.

Offer fast and effortless reservation

Usually online booking takes up to 25 minutes . By using a chatbot, reservation time is reduced to 1 minute.

Get higher on Facebook ranks

Reservation through Messenger increases your accessibility on Facebook which leads to better search rank.

Scale personalized communication

Chatbot based reservation system will power your business with an exclusive competitive advantage without any limits.

Talk the language of your customers

Speak the language of your customers. Chatbot can communicate in different languages by reaching foreigners and tourists.

Chatbots make it easier to provide a superior level of service

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