eCommerce development and integration

eCommerce is a complex and ever-changing business field. To stay on top, you must take progressive action. By employing leading technologies and tools we develop, integrate, and support high-end omnichannel retail solutions.

The sum of these parts helps ambitious businesses to optimize their commerce processes, work more efficiently, and subsequently, earn more.

Our expertise

eShops and marketplaces

There are no two businesses with identical challenges. We treat every project as a new eCommerce puzzle that can unlock a path to improved results. We develop eShops and marketplace platforms that work fast and smoothly even when loaded with millions of items or visitors.

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The full potential of eCommerce shines when different areas come together as one holistic mechanism. Integrated PIM, ERP, OMS, and other systems raise business performance to the next level. It optimizes processes, helps handle resources more effectively, and provides unbiased business results data.

B2B process digitalization

The right technological tools are what help move businesses forward. Digitalization allows companies to make important decisions based on proven data rather than intuition, and to automate daily processes. We strongly believe that time is better spent on work that requires expertise and creativity, and not on an abundance of manual labor.

Custom solutions

There is a seemingly endless variety of tools, plugins, and 3rd party integrations. Nevertheless, these are not always enough to crack specific riddles or meet the unique challenges of large-scale business. When such a challenge arises, we develop custom solutions from scratch: from eCommerce applications to mobile apps.

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