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Topo Centras is one of the top choices when it comes to buying home appliances. It’s the biggest electronics retailer in Lithuania with a long history of providing an exceptional omnichannel experience to its customers. It’s also a part of Euronics group that unites more than 11,000 retailers in 37 different countries.

To stay on top of the always changing market and increasing customer needs Topo Centras decided to raise the bar of their online shopping and contacted us. We used Adobe Magento framework to develop a new eCommerce system. High performance, effortless support of a multitude of products and user experience transformation became the main goals here. Implemented changes have already noticeably increased the sales in the first month after going live.

2x faster

website performance

150 000

planned products

One of Top10

e. stores in Lithuania

1 million

visitors per month

Topo Centras


To significantly increase the performance of Topo Centras eCommerce and to expand its growth potential we needed to rebuild their system from the ground up. Because of a large number of products and high visitor traffic it became a challenging task. At the same time the system already had a big customer base with established browsing patterns, so it became crucial not to break them and to provide the experience that they are already familiar with.

Main tasks:

1. New eCommerce system

Integrating and customizing a new eCommerce system to ensure high performance and growth capabilities.

2. Higher eshop effectiveness

Improving the effectiveness of eshop by using additional integrations and tools.

3. Website design overhaul

Renewing website design to match modern web practices and to increase conversions.


Delivered technical solutions:


Integrated Magento Commerce system allowing to support and effortlessly manage a high number of products.


Used a PWA solution that helped to transform user experience: increased load speed, usability and wider functionality.


Integrated SearchNode search solution to increase the speed and precision of product search.


Built an integration with the internal ERP system to manage company resources more effectively.


Used solutions like Varnish and Service Worker to improve the performance of the eshop.

Magento PWA Google Cloud Symfony

Core technologies:

Magento, PWA, Google Cloud, Symfony

Magento PWA Google Cloud Symfony

Core technologies:

Magento, PWA, Google Cloud, Symfony

Website design and UX/UI

Because of this business specifics Topo Centras eshop deals with a large amount of data. It includes heaps of item categories, detailed product specifications, marketing offers, buying guides and so much more.

The complexity of the information became one of the main challenges when planning the user interface. Potential buyers had to not only understand the provided information quickly but also to reach the end goal of its journey - easily buy a chosen product.



UX/UI Lead

There aren't too many websites that have traffic like Topo Centras with an already established user base. We understood that if we want to integrate new functionalities successfully, we cannot create a radically different design system here. Since drastic changes would repel existing users, we have to take their previous browsing data into account. Gathering this information, documenting it and creating a new design according to it became one of the key challenges of this project.

Created UX/UI design solutions:

Not only the eshop design was overhauled, but also additional changes were made:


Newly added functions were visualized: order tracking, favorite item list, blog pages etc.


Redesigned existing features: redesigned user’s journey, new type of user profile, remastered item comparison.


Technical improvements: implemented skeleton screen, information loading indications, reusing of recurring design elements, etc.

Project launch

Usually, after making radical changes to their eCommerce system the retailers may notice a short reduction in sales. Because of various changed elements the sales curve declines, resulting in significant losses for the business. Over time these numbers even out and go back to normal, but in the case of Topo Centras we managed to avoid such losses.


Head of Project Management

I’m glad that we managed to launch the Topo Centras project smoothly in terms of technical nuances and the business development side. That’s why we ensured the smooth sales processes during the migration stage. We noticed the statistics going up in the first weeks following the launch.


New eCommerce system and implemented design changes brought these results for Topo Centras:

Better website performance

After implementing the changes the website speed increased 2x. It ensured both, smoother process for website visitors and higher results for business managers.


Overhauled user experience

Revamped website design and reworked browsing logic helped shoppers to navigate the eshop easier and increased conversions.


Implemented additional integrations

Additional integrations helped to orchestrate internal processes by allowing them to better communicate with each other.

Combination of these features helped Topo Centras to move their eCommerce to the next level and opened new possibilities for future growth. More capable and faster Magento system, new generation accurate product search and redesigned UX/UI design made sales charts go up in the first month. Excellent customer experience is one of the cornerstones of Topo Centras philosophy. The changes that we implemented made browsing on desktop and mobile devices more fluid and the checkout process became effortless.

Smooth project launch and constant communication with this client has set a solid foundation for our long term collaboration in the future.