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Concentration on these industries enables us to deliver the best and already proven solutions in the most effective way.


We have a great deal of experience working with different businesses in the electronics industry. From the biggest Scandinavian telecommunications provider which is also a vendor of electronics to the largest distributor of IT in the Middle East and Africa.

We also engage in our local market and have developed the biggest electronic distribution web solution in Lithuania, which only continues to grow year by year in sales and loyal customers.

An eagerness to learn more about this industry moves us forward, and our continuous up-to-date knowledge helps our clients reach the best results.

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Automotive industry is one of the largest economic sectors by revenue, it comprises a wide range of companies and organizations. The development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, aftermarket and after care of vehicles worldwide is a booming business with proven continuous growth over the last decades.

Competition in this industry is extreme – players in this field must adopt new technological innovations and solutions quickly to maintain relevance and sustainability among the competition.

We are experienced in consulting, selecting and developing the right technological innovations for automotive market leaders: wholesalers and retailers of tyres, OEM and aftermarket car parts, accessories, care products. Our eCommerce expertise combined with industry experience helps our clients achieve the results they are looking for and come out on top.

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Manufacturing (Retail)

Manufacturing companies are unique due to  their established history, traditions, and sole production. The common trait among manufacturing companies is the aim to stand out from the crowd and declare their uniqueness.

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving. According to the history and theories followed by manufacturers, value chain is always first place. But the times are changing and manufacturing companies are realizing that they can become the direct suppliers and retailers of their products.

This is how a new transaction, M2C – manufacturing to consumer evolved. Many manufacturing companies have numbers of factories and warehouses, which need to be connected. Thus the need of their own e-channel for each manufacturing company. These new opportunities have arisen due to the help of the internet. Each manufacturer is able to reach its clients directly without any resellers or retailers.

We identify these new opportunities for the manufacturing industry and connect these businesses through the online channels allowing companies to reach their own clients worldwide and stay competitive in an international market.

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Applied Technologies

Most of the time different sized enterprises need an individual solution or a custom product to successfully drive their business. And most of the time these solutions or products need to be built from the scratch. A key to the successful development of an individual solution or product is a team with clear responsibilities, skills and seniority level.

Following Agile processes, we enable our dedicated and well-structured team to create custom-made products and/or services for specific business needs.

We are able to expand project teams and speed-up the delivery process to bring instant value to our clients. With our team of professional developers we form cross-functional teams of specialists working with different programming languages and frameworks.

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Long tail

We understand The Long Tail as the Economics of Abundance. Chris Anderson, the author of The Long Tail, defined a new way of doing business empowered by the internet. We agree with his ideas and we believe that niche online business can be even more successful than the business we all know.

The internet provides all of us with any imagined capabilities to spread our products online and reach the targeted customers anywhere, any time.

We are eager to help niche businesses grow and succeed because we believe in their extraordinary business model. That is why we work with clients like the publishing house “KOPA”, which created a niche product to easily order print products in minutes. We also developed the online business “SAFE”, the biggest provider of philatelic equipment in Germany. We work with the biggest seller of tools and garden equipment in Baltics and Scandinavia and the biggest supplier of laboratory equipment and chemical reagents in Baltics “Labochema”.  The list goes on and on.

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