A Belgian chair manufacturer has been creating rich history since 1923. The common theme in this family company tradition is that the Belgian chair manufacturer has always been making solid wooden tables and chairs from European beech and oak. Due to the attention paid to the smallest details, our client is able to deliver chairs and tables which emphasize the passion of real craftsmanship.


The main request of the Belgian chair manufacturer was to have a 3D product configurator on their website and to make the user experience even better.


With the 3D product configurator, any user can create their own chair with a unique and the most suitable design. Firstly, the user needs to choose a model of the chair and then choose between the most suitable texture for the chosen chair model. Then the user can select a specific type of wood for the chair. Finally, the user can modify the texture and colors of cushion and the type of textile.

When the desired chair model is created, the user can save the design in PDF format and later make the order of the chair. As the prices of textures and textiles are different, the price of the chair is constantly and automatically changing in the 3D product configurator. The 3D configurator was created using DRUPAL technology. It was integrated with an already existing website.

Durability is engraved into our client’s’ DNA. The family company and its 80 employees think of durability as a precondition for success and social acceptance. The 3D product configurator is about to make the clients contribute to the everlasting experience.