Gerduva is a Lithuanian company, well-known for their wide range of distributed products. For over 27 years Gerduva has been in the business of retail and wholesale of quality home products: house, kitchen and bathroom appliances, accessories, cleaning and care products. A network of 14 stores nationwide ensures that the customer is able to find the right household products wherever they are.


At first, the client needed help with supporting and maintaining their Magento 1 e-store. However, with the expiration date for Magento 1 looming on the horizon, the time was right for an upgrade. Besides the future-proofing updates and support for the platform, Magento 2 offers a lot of business-enhancing functionality right out of the box. And with a touch of Adeo Web magic, the new Gerduva system would soon be able to handle all the nationwide eCommerce business coming its way.

Without doubt, there were a few challenges to overcome. The main one was certainly the fact that the company was undergoing some structural and branding changes at the time. Namely, a new direction of marketing efforts, including a brand new brand book (pun intended), covering all the physical and digital aspects for how Gerduva’s image is presented.


Migrating to Magento 2

The first step of this journey was to migrate the client’s store to Magento 2. Since Adeo Web has plenty of experience in this field, this was nothing new in particular for us. What was different this time, though, was the fact that all design was based on a Magento design theme picked out by the client. The design theme route is usually chosen to save the valuable time and effort spent on customizing and modifying the standard Magento look. In this case, however, the design theme did not completely align with the new brand direction of Gerduva, so certain customizations were still needed and some of the core elements of the new e-store had to be modified to match the new branding guidelines.

A common request we get is that customers want a functionality they had in Magento 1 recreated in their new Magento 2 system. This is common because customers of the old stores are often used to a specific feature and removing it completely might discourage the users and worsen the customer experience as a whole. For example, in this case, a functionality was replicated that allows the customer to view a product’s availability in the store directly in the e-store’s item view.

Additional features

Paysera. The most popular payment gateway for Lithuanian customers today is Paysera. This means that most of our clients are looking for this plugin as the main priority. In fact, in this case Paysera module was the only one needed to handle all the payments for our client, as it accepts them via 10 000 local and foreign banks, as well as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards and even international payments.

Venipak. For additional delivery services and options, Venipak delivery module was added to the new Gerduva e-shop. It allows their customers to have the purchases be delivered directly to their home via courier services or collect them in Venipak parcel terminals across the Baltic countries.

Gift cards. As a completely new functionality, we’ve installed the Gift Card Magento module to the new Gerduva e-store. Now customers are able to send virtual gift cards and use them to pay for Gerduva products directly in the e-shop.

Amasty labels and filtering. To equip Gerduva administrators with additional store and product information customization capabilities, we’ve installed Amasty labels module. It allows them to create and assign custom labels to various products. The Amasty Improved Layered Navigation module enables enhanced filtering – Gerduva is the official distributor for a number of producers and manufacturers nationwide. The module allows to filter products by producer and create custom filters for easier product navigation.

Newsletter and Facebook chat. For newsletter and email marketing automation functionality Ominsend module was installed – it helps the Gerduva marketing team to set up high-converting popups, easily create beautiful newsletters and automate their customer communication workflow. Facebook chat was installed as the last piece of customer experience puzzle – sometimes customers need an answer right there and then, and Facebook chat solves that problem by helping our client provide an immediate answer for their customers.

Rivilė. Rivilė is an accounting platform very common in Lithuania. Even a simple integration can go a long way when it comes to optimizing the product information flow across various systems, warehouses and physical stores. In this case, all stock information and prices are imported directly from the Rivilė accounting system to the Magento store.


The result – a fully updated and future-proofed Gerduva Magento 2 store. Even though adapting the new and rejuvenated branding mid-project was a challenge, we are happy to say that the project was completed successfully – Gerduva team now have enhanced and automated marketing capabilities, the products can be displayed with additional details and customized without any need for any programming knowledge, the customers have additional options for the product delivery and payments.