GetJet Airlines is an IOSA registered airline that provides aircraft leasing (ACMI – aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) and charter services. The airline was founded in 2016 with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2019, the airline served over 1.5 million passengers.


Since GetJet Airlines collaborates closely with multiple tour operators, there was a need for an integrated platform that could unify data processing from (and to) various sources. The platform needs to handle flight information and passenger data, as well as integrate with all the required administrative and governmental institutions. This is where Adeo Web comes into the picture.


To really understand the core needs for our client as usual we have started out with a workshop. After discussing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) needs for the platform and potential future enhancements, a decision was made that in this particular case Laravel framework was the best choice. Using the framework we have first developed the base platform from scratch.

After building out the base system, we could start integrating the required data sources. The first step was getting all the required passenger and other flight-related data from tour operators. One of the challenges that we had to resolve was the fact that each of the operators uses different interfaces and different data formats that had to be aligned not only between them, but with governmental institutions requirements as well. The information then has to be imported to the GetJet system and standardized. 

In order to have the data formats standardized between all the parties we cooperated with each of them. Finding a way to align the formats between each party was not easy, but a necessary step in order to ensure the system works flawlessly. 

Next step was providing all the required information to relevant governmental and policing institutions. The flight and passenger data has to be converted to required (PNRGOV) format and sent to the institution. To enable automatic data transfering,  the platform was integrated with the Police department via API that they have provided. In order to ensure that the institutions receive all the required information, we had to cooperate closely with their representatives as well.

The last step in this integration puzzle was providing flight and passenger information to the international airport system. Again, to enable automatic data processing, the GetJet system was integrated with the iPort airport data management system, where data is provided in required formats (PNL and ADL).

After completing all the required integrations we could focus on enhancing the functionality for GetJet platform. Additional integrations were made with tour operators, that allow them to send additional information such as passenger food orders and so on. The system was also integrated with the Raido API, that allows to retrieve contact information of the flight crew and send them notifications. For example, flight passengers can buy a service from the tour operators to congratulate their friends as newlyweds, on a birthday and so on.  

Currently GetJet staff have the ability to view, verify and update passenger information. To ensure data security, standard measures were adapted: SSL certificate, password encryption, as well enabling additional layer of security by implementing two-factor authentication.


The result – an integrated and unified platform that:
– Automatically collects, as well as standardizes passenger, flight and other required information from all agencies, tour operators and other sources.
– Automatically exports all required information and sends it to required institutions
– Enables passenger and data administration for GetJet
– Additional features: providing passenger food orders, sending notifications directly to flight crews about passenger birthdays, etc.


1 Project Manager
1 Backend Developer
1 Product Manager (client side)