“Knygu Klubas“ is the first official Lithuanian book club and a well-known online bookstore in Lithuania.  The book club has more than 100 000 members who share the books they’ve read with like-minded people, write comments and regularly receive special offers.


Our essential goal with this project was to create a whole new system based on Magento 2 platform with improved functionalities. The main challenge was the short 6 month period during which the project had to be completed.


We organized a workshop for our client to go over the most important functions to be implemented during the first 6 months. After the workshop we had:
  • Clear priorities
  • Established mapping of user stories
  • Roadmap for the upcoming development
With clear priorities in hand we were set to go. Over the next 6 months through countless hours of coding, design, user testing and optimization we have completed the project. The result – a brand new system that is faster, smoother and more aesthetically pleasing for the end user with improved system management and administration for the staff.


For the project we were following “Agile Scrum” methodology and implemented this project in two-week sprints. The project team consisted of 3 back-end developers, 2 front-end developers, 1 UX designer, and 1 project manager. This was only the 1st stage of the project, which we completed according to the principles of Minimal marketable product (MMP). During the first 6 months we implemented the main functions so that the e-system would function reliably. In the 2nd stage, the project will be developed with extra functions to refine “Knygu Klubas“ e-shop and make it perfect for every user.