Tele2 is a European telecommunications operator. It has been a major player in Nordic and Baltic countries for more than 25 years. Currently the operator has 14 million customers in 9 countries. Naturally, being a well-known brand worldwide and a telecommunications company, it offers a wide range of services and products across many markets.


The Project

Tele2 was in need for a new e-shop in Lithuania. For a company this big, where most of the customers are likely to visit their website at some point, the e-shop had to check a lot of boxes in the requirements field. Magento was the right fit for Tele2 requirements in this particular case. Magento was a perfect fit for a complex and customized ecommerce solution. And we at Adeo Web are in love with Magento, so we simply couldn’t turn down an opportunity to show our expertise in this field.

The Challenge

The e-commerce store played an important part in Tele2 business. It was used to sell and renew carrier subscriptions, mobile phones, provide information for the customers and countless other services. In addition to that, being an international business operating through different entities in many markets meant that a lot of large-scale integrations with Tele2 system were required for the e-store. And of course the solution had to be scalable with traffic this immense.

The Solution

Our starting point was a basic core functionality that we’ve received from the client. We made extensive customizations to make sure it fit our client’s needs. Just to give you an example, when a customer at Tele2 e-shop was choosing the subscription, they had quite a few options for customization at their disposal:

  • Timeline of the subscription (months, years, etc.)
  • Monthly call time assigned to the plan
  • Amount of SMS assigned to the plan
  • Device

All of this content had to be dynamic and change based on the user’s actions. Customization of such systems is a challenge even today, but keep in mind this project was completed more than 5 years ago. Most of these functionalities had to be created from scratch as no plugin could give us exactly what we need.

Another entirely new feature we have introduced and adapted at the time was a dynamic slider, that could change the size of an image. At the time, the only way to achieve this was to switch between several image sizes. We have created a custom solution that could alter the size of the image without such limitations, based on the client requirements. It’s easy to think that responsive design was always with us, but at the time of this project it was an entirely innovative concept.

Thousands of options and variations in between the products and subscriptions required an efficient filtering system. So we have developed an entirely unique, efficient and user friendly filtering system for Tele2 e-shop. In addition to that, the whole product catalogue and filtering was cached. This meant that the user could browse the products with instant action responses, which was unheard of at the time.

The Result

Overall we have developed this project for more than 3 years. This included Tele2 Lithuania and Tele2 Estonia e-shops, the latter as a second phase of the project. Since this project was a subcontracting deal with Nortal we have been deeply engaged to provide a successful solution for the client together. We achieved this with the help of cross-functional teams that included experts from both companies. Combining excellent and clear direction from Tele2, Nortal experience and Adeo Web expertise in Magento this project was a guaranteed success.