“Šviesa”, LTD, is the biggest and the most experienced publishing house of educational literature in Lithuania. Their logo is highly recognized among pupils and teachers in Lithuania, which proves their credibility and experience in publishing. As the internet is a great assistant for pupils in the process of learning, “Šviesa” made the assistance even stronger by creating an e–system for better learning.


An e–system of “Šviesa” was released in 2014. The system provides tests for pupils to check their knowledge before the final exams. Tests of various disciplines are the main products of so their wish was to maintain the system and make it partly paid. This is how we started Magento integration.


Time and resources were the main criteria for a faster project implementation, so we started with the data synchronization. To make “Šviesa” e–system perfect, we synchronized lists of clients and lists of products in both systems: the already existing one and Magento. To implement this function, we used REST API data transfer method.

The most important part was an invisible transition between the existing system and Magento. The pupils who want to purchase a test don’t see a difference between the systems at the point of buying. That is why we used the auto-login function, which lets users to login once in order to reach both free and paid tests.

The biggest challenge in making “Šviesa” e–system was Magento integration with the business management system SAP. When a user logs into the system, two ID codes are assigned. One is used to recognise a user in Magento, the other one – in SAP. Magento and SAP integration was necessary for transferring and managing users’ information and the purchase.

Educational e–system is now a perfect tool for studying and preparing for exams. Magento integration led to a faster project implementation and a smaller amount of used resources.