“Deltaco Baltic” is the wholesale company of IT accessories, domestic appliances and electronics, supplying its products to large and medium–sized retail chains, and small traders in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets. Our task was to create an e–shop by using the possibilities of Magento.


The company produces not only IT accessories but also domestic electronic appliances. Because of this reason, it was very important to divide all the items according to the groups and categories of the products.


To categorize the items, we used the “product tree” principal: each category of the items is assigned to a collection of attributes. Magento’s built–in feature of categories and attributes functionality perfectly fulfilled requirements . We have also improved the standard function of moving items between categories and added a more convenient “drag & drop” function.

While creating www.deltaco.lt e–shop, one of the hardest parts was to import and synchronize the data from business management system “Rivilė”. All the records about products and clients of “Deltaco Baltic” were stored in the “Rivilė” system, so we had to import the data to the e–shop. To manage the data of clients, orders and payments, we have implemented a duplex integration with “Rivilė” system and assigned clients to B2B or B2C categories.

Another important function was product reservation on the e-shop. Now it works as a real–time process in order to minimize the risk of inventory balance.

Multi-language functionality

„Deltaco” e–shop functions in 5 different languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, English, and Russian. Magento support for multiple languages was supplemented with the change log. When a new attribute is being added or changed, the system captures it and marks that the made change has to be approved.

Unique feature implementation

In order to accelerate the shopping experience for B2B clients, the relevant product catalog had to be displayed to each client. To implement this function, we developed the functionality of conditions of showing or not showing the groups of products.

In order to make the process easier for admin of the e-shop, we implemented a unique function. System is now counting the sales of products of the last 28 days and marks the balance according to the set colors.

For “Deltaco Baltic”, the Magento system will not only be used for implementing e–shop functions but it will also help to manage all the internal processes in a more effective way.