“Amedis–UE AG” is a customer–oriented, market–oriented and innovative full-service provider in the Swiss healthcare market. The story of the current “Amedis” company started in 1909 and now the main products of “Amedis” are pharmaceuticals and wines of the highest quality.


Previous e–shop of “Amedis” was in need of up-to-date solutions and optimization according to the highest criteria in the eCommerce industry. “Amedis” has 2 warehouses so it was necessary to have a tool to manage all the information about products and orders. With the number of 30 000 products that “Amedis” currently has, Magento platform was a perfect choice to create the new e–shop.

Solution based on AKENEO PIM

The first thing we did was Akeneo PIM integration of the product information management system. Akeneo PIM is a tool that helps companies centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products. Akeneo PIM integration was made for some more reasons: faster processing of orders and the time saving functions. The integration with warehouses of Amedis was also made so that the number of leftovers would be updated on a real time basis.

Saving the data of registered users

The previous version of “Amedis” e–system had a few thousand registered users. “Amedis” wanted to keep the users and transfer their login information into the new Magento e–shop so that users wouldn’t need to register once more. We had to configure Magento’s encoding and adjust to the required specification.

“Amedis” wants to strengthen the market position and to be the next customer wholesaler. The new e–system will help “Amedis” maintain their clients and achieve better results as well as help saving time.