“Verkter” is the largest work tools e–shop company in Scandinavia and North Europe and has the widest assortment of tools for both professionals and amateurs. First “Verkter” e–shop was opened in Lithuania in 2011.


As the previous eCommerce platform of “Verkter” e-shop was not flexible enough and had a lack of integration opportunities, Magento was necessary to make “Verkter” a more scalable solution in Scandinavia and North Europe.


The core functionality was created in 15 weeks by using more than 25 Magento modules. We started with

A large number of Magento modules was a necessity for a faster and better e–shop development. Firstly, “Verkter” needed a proper warehouse management system, so we implemented Embedded ERP module for stock tracking, multiple warehouse/retailer support, inventory, stock transfer, and low–stock alerts. “Verkter” has more than 50 retailers and 5 warehouses. By using Embedded ERP module, we implemented real–time stock level updates, a login for each retailer, automated status updates (Available, Available under delay, Out of stock) and also a function for enabling/disabling back orders for each product.

“Verkter” e–shop users are always interested in how quickly the products they purchased will reach them. We created a delivery time display function as different products may be delivered on different time depending on the selected shipping method. As “Verkter” has plenty of categories of various products with different attributes, layer navigation module was indispensably modified and adapted to the e–shop design theme and it gives the opportunity to choose how many values of the filterable attribute should be shown to the client.

To make the e–shop’s management easier for admins without programming skills, we implemented an attribute splash page module which allows to create extra pages inside the e–shop depending on the specific attributes. These pages can be displayed on the ‘Menu’ bar or in different places inside the e–shop.

Search optimization

SOLR module was mandatory to make the search of the products easier. SOLR has a built in spell checker and provides the “suggestive search” functionality. It also returns 5 most accurate results associated with a specific keyword. So when a user searches for a specific product and makes a spelling mistake, the product will still be found.

Because of the huge amount of products with different attributes and information, full–page Varnish cache module was implemented. This module is necessary for content–heavy sites to accelerate HTTP.

Integration with an accounting system

“Verkter” uses “Būtenta” accounting system. We needed to adapt the accounting system to Magento, as “Būtenta” could account products and orders. To make processes for “Verkter” more effective, we implemented PDF Invoice module, which lets the admin create a different structure of the invoice according to the rules of specific countries.

Shipping and delivery modules

An important part of “Verkter” e–shop is the communication with the user about the purchase and delivery process. Clients are constantly informed. For this function, we implemented Follow–up Email module which allows creating rules and sends different messages to users according to the applied rule. This extension can remind about an abandoned cart, do the cross–sell based on the shopping cart or the previous sales, offer a discount (coupon code), automate emails with tracking information after changed order status.

Shipping restriction module was a necessity for the “Verkter” e–shop because of different sizes and weights of the products. Integration with “Mypack” system was made in order to select the best shipping way for a product according to its features. Clients of e–shops appreciate different ways and systems of payment; therefore we have integrated such payment systems as “Klarna”, “Paysera”, “Svea” – the most popular payment systems in Baltic and Nordic states.

Visual solution

In order to release the first version of the e–shop as soon as possible and be ready for the summer season, we used an already existing design template. Despite today’s popular solution for implementing a “slider banner” on the homepage, “Verkter” decided to make their home page full of top categories.

The architecture created for “Verkter” Magento e–shop is used for another 7 e–shops of “Verkter” in 7 different countries: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.