THE BIGGEST IN THE UAE – one more project of the Adeo Web team. In this e–commerce portal UAE customers can find electronic equipment and accessories of the most famous brands.


Our client had clear motives when choosing the executor: he was looking for a company that could not only perform all the tasks but also submit their own insights and provide them with all the necessary consultations in order to achieve the maximum results.


The main point of the project was to help the client grow their business by starting e–commerce – that is why there was a need of not only an e–shop, but also proper solutions of its creation and development. One of the solutions was to make integration with the Tally solutions, the software that manages all the financial operations. This had to be strictly one–way integration when all data has to be sent from this software into the Magento platform. This software has been operating for more than twenty years and a huge quantity of data has accumulated, so the main challenge was to permanently transfer this data.

One of the principles of the client was high-security standards and certain restrictions for website users. To accomplish this, the Adeo Web team had to invoke security systems and create separate user accounts with separate responsibilities.

Moreover, in order to make it easier for customers to buy products, a single payment method through only one bank is allowed.

A link with a logistics and transportation company was created; it allowed customers to see individual prices when making an order depending on the payment method.

A unique feature

For the first time in UAE, the Adeo Web specialists created a feature that allows customers to bargain for prices. In this case, customers can suggest their own price for the product and the administrator can accept it or not: this continues until the both sides are happy about the price.

While creating the e–shop, some usual tasks had to be done: the optimization of speed, separate advertising pages, marketing tools management, integrations with SalesForce and WordPress.


All the tasks listed have lead to the achievement of the main goal, and this goal has been accomplished 100%. This can be confirmed by the words of the project manager: “The main goal of the project has been reached: we have an engaging and functional portal for our partners that automates order processing and decreases manual work.”

Distance and cultural differences were the main factors that impeded all the activities. Nevertheless, the client was satisfied with the work of the Adeo Web team, and now we can start measuring the first results. During the first month, there were 3000 registered users; also, the numbers of sales are impressive.