Adeo Web – connecting e-shop owners, customers and DPD services

DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is one of the leading parcel delivery service providers in Baltic states. With eCommerce markets growing exponentially and brick and mortar store sales declining, a large part of deliveries are moving towards e-shop merchants and customers. To maintain and expand their positions in the delivery industry, DPD has made a strategic decision to expand their eCommerce offerings and capabilities by choosing to develop a Magento plugin for their shipping services. As anticipated, they needed partners who’d know their way around Magento and could provide a quality solution for this case. Luckily, Adeo Web was here to help.

This project was aimed to provide value for three parties. Firstly – Magento merchants and e-shop administrators, so they could provide efficient shipping services that could be setup easily. After this integration, DPD would benefit from easier parcel and shipping information management with direct integrations with their services. And last, but not least, the e-shop customers, who would now benefit from easily accessible and efficient shipping services for their purchases. Win, win and a win – the perfect trifecta. 


The biggest challenge in this project was custom, yet effective configuration. DPD has a wide range of services available and all of them needed to be developed efficiently to suit the needs of our client (and their clients). This had to be managed while taking into account the stock Magento functionality and plugin’s compatibility with the platform, while maintaining similarity with the standard shipping functionality in Magento. 

Another challenge was the high-spec requirement list our client has provided us. The shipping plugin had to be integrated with various sources – customer’s location, DPD services, multiple shipping location and type options that were set up by the merchant, and so on. On top of that, every view, as well as user input had to be super user-friendly and easy to use, even for non-technical users.


Luckily, at Adeo Web we have plenty of experience working with Magento platform and that even includes certified Magento developers. This was neither the first, nor the last custom Magento plugin we have developed. Working with a platform for so long means that the know-how and expertise collected over 10 years allows us to offer the client the very best ways to implement even the most intricate integrations and solutions.

We’ve developed an easy option for the customers to pick DPD delivery in front end interface of the e-shop. They can now easily pick time, data and location for shipping (including where the shipping is delivered from).


For e-shop administrators – they can now easily setup DPD shipping in Magento interface. This means adding specific locations and/or destinations, configuring shipping methods, types of shipping and so on. The product labels and shipping lists that need to be provided to DPD are then printed automatically.  



Due to the integrations, DPD receives all the shipping data and can manage the routes, shipping lists and volumes much more efficiently.


The result – a widely applicable Magento shipping plugin that brings value to all the parties involved. It helps DPD to increase demand for their services, improves brand recognition and improves value the company provides for all of their customers at the same time.

The plugin offers a competitive advantage to every e-shop merchant or administrator, who chooses DPD with easy to set up and efficient shipping to all of their products. Even though Magento 2 has gotten a lot of traction and the industry is migrating to the latest version of the platform, there are still many merchants that are based on the older versions of Magento. No worries, though – the new DPD plugin is offered on all Magento versions, from 1.5 to 2.2.

Finally, e-shop customers will be able to take advantage of easy to use, quick and convenient delivery for all of their purchases. 

At Adeo Web, we are happy to put out eCommerce development and Magento expertise to good use and provide another high quality eCommerce solution to our clients.