Since 1953, SAFE® has been the finest producer of supplies and examining equipment to the philatelic and numismatic collectors worldwide.

SAFE® is a dynamic company with a reputation as the world’s preeminent provider of state–of–the–art philatelic and numismatic supplies, the finest examining equipment, and specialty accessories. Founded in 1953 as Schwabische Albumfabrik (or SAFE) in Germany, SAFE® is represented around the globe and exports over 40% of its products worldwide.


The main challenge in creating SAFE® e–commerce was a rich category tree. SAFE® sells everything from stamp collecting supplies to organizing and storage items. Our main task was to help users find what they need in the most convenient way.


To manage the challenge our team created a dynamic menu with categories and subcategories – the user can find the right item just in a few clicks. SAFE® Magento store has 4 different stores (German, Austrian, Belgian and French), but it plans to grow and cover more than 15 countries in the future. Every country will have their own admin panel with orders, clients and sometimes even products. All stores will be placed in the same core, so the administration processes should be easy to manage.

UX design challenge

The main challenge in creating SAFE® Magento store design was the social portrait of the buyer. Firstly, our UX team selected the color palette, which helped to choose the visual direction. The dominant colors are darkslateblue (#25408d) and brown (#891844), which help to shape conservative and unpretentious visual identity. The color duo also divides store into two sides – SAFE® and SAFE® Living. The first one is created to meet the client’s needs and contains all the assortment for collecting supplies. On the other hand, SAFE® is aiming to broaden their target audience with their new line of home accessories. It was the main reason of creating a separate catalog – SAFE Living.

When trying to rejuvenate the audience, it is important to communicate in the right direction. SAFE® Magento store is fully responsive and perfectly compatible with all devices. Moreover, we implemented an advanced banner module which redesigns the banner according to the device screen size and resolution.