eCommerce strategy and infrastructure

Building a successful electronic commerce business is a marathon that needs a clear path to enable success. It’s not only about creating a good-looking e-shop, it is a synergy between many pieces of a much larger puzzle: from successful inventory management to smooth business processes.

To merge these pieces into one well-oiled machine, it is necessary to deep dive into specific business problems to create a sustainable strategy. A holistic approach allows us to provide our partners with tools that help them to find new revenue streams, build stronger relationships with their clients, and constantly grow their business potential.

The holistic approach to eCommerce

Pilnaverčiai e. komercijos sprendimai
E. komercijos strategija

eCommerce strategy

  • Technological solutions
  • System architecture
  • Inventory management
  • Data analysis
  • Order management
  • User experience and conversion
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Payment integrations
  • Customer relationship management

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Technological solutions and architecture

A strategic approach to system architecture and well-chosen technical solutions are the basis of any successful digital project. We are not exclusively committed to any specific tools or frameworks which allow us to imagine more than one path to the finish line. We stay flexible about technology and use whatever solution is necessary to offer any business the most valuable results.

Digital business strategy

Having more than 10 years of hands-on experience in business digital transformation allows us to become a partner who not only advises on technology; we proactively offer insights to expand our client’s field of vision towards omnichannel retailing. Whether using marketing campaigns, traffic acquisition, or customer loyalty metrics - we are here to help you win.

User experience and conversion

Conversion is one of the most important metrics in eCommerce which intrinsically correlates to business success. Digital products must not only look great but must also motivate the user to take the desired action. Expert analyses and constant user testing are essential to make data-based decisions and fully utilize all generated traffic.

Data analysis and business insight

Good intuition is an undeniable part of any successful business, but cold hard data is what allows you to make informed decisions every time. By collecting and analyzing accurate business intelligence we help our clients to eliminate potential bottlenecks, identify areas that generate the most revenue, and unlock undiscovered growth potential.

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