We know exactly what is needed to kickstart and grow an online business.


Professional solutions

At Adeo Web we develop high-level IT solutions that help our clients to enter and succeed in the highly competitive world of eCommerce. In cooperation with business leaders from Europe and the US, we oversee the full eCommerce spectrum: from smooth user experiences to highly-polished internal business processes.

A partner that cheers for your success

Building an eCommerce project is much more than launching an e-shop. It is a complicated puzzle that needs a wide range of competencies to unlock its potential. That is why in every project we undertake we become fully-fledged members of our client’s team. For your peace of mind, we are the kind of partner to cover your back and take full responsibility.

Get higher conversions with „LupaSearch“

Product search is extremely important in eCommerce. However, more than half of online shoppers are not satisfied with how it works.

That's why, together with our colleagues at „Sneaky Box“ we created LupaSearch - a powerful tool that helps visitors find exactly what they're looking for and increases conversions for businesses.

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  • Higher conversion rates
  • Synonym and typo detection
  • AI algorithms
  • Browsing data analytics
  • Visualized statistics
  • User-friendly control panel

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